inspiration in one sentence.


Snippet thinking is a webpage for one-sentence ‘snippets’ that have the potential to become full-fledged stories, poems, graphics, song lyrics and so on.

Snippets began by being published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday under the categories of ‘person,’ ‘place,’ or ‘thing,’ respectively. It transitioned to being more ‘spur of the moment.’ So snippets are published when I think of them and–as a result of conducting work in places where internet access is non-existent–when I can post them. I am currently conducting fieldwork for my dissertation, so my energies are elsewhere…

Snippets is the expression of the scribbling in the margins of my notes, the random observations of a day, the way I think about people, places or things and other machinations of my imagination.

As a child, my mom would give me a sentence and I would write short stories from it. As an adult, I want to give other people sentences and have them create something. It is my very great hope that people will take these Snippets and make them more.

Snippets takes its inspiration from a number of places, but was born from Neil Gaiman’s 2012 charge for people, “when things get tough…to make good art.” To bring something to the world that is different because it was made by you. I have a few sentences, I’d love for others to make them into good art.

Along those lines, snippets also draws inspiration from:

Jen Campbell’s Weird Things and her immensely successful 100-poem challenge.

Jasper Fforde’s running theme in The Well of Lost Plots regarding the “last original idea”

Damien Rice’s song “Older chests” which contains the lyric “read me your favorite line”

Jessica Hagy’s Indexed, which is “published while the coffee brews”


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