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Snippet no. 49

The house is quiet; and outside the sky is clear and brilliant, shaming my blue melancholy.


Snippet no. 47

The descent into the valley opened up a wide swath of land filled with greens of every shade.

Snippet no. 46

Surely no one ever needed an alarm clock here–where rooster calls, church bells, and fireworks reigned supreme.

Snippet no. 40

There was a wall in the house that divided them, but it may as well have been a sheet of tissue paper.

Snippet no. 37

Frozen and silent, the ghost of trees towered over an icy meadow.

Snippet no. 34

Even in a place such as this, days seemed like weeks and weeks, more than months, became years.

Snippet no. 31

At the corner of a chirp and a beep the squealing wheels of a car shrieked their own warning.

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