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Snippet no. 56

It was a soul-penetrating fog that conjured a constellation of nightmares.


Snippet no. 54

In a complete mockery of photosynthesis, the fake tree was dragged outside by its trunk into the sunlight.

Snippet no. 52

As he walked past the pair of shoes–one casually draped over a post, the other tread up on the sidewalk–the memory of evening shenanigans rushed to his immediate thoughts.

Snippet no. 48

And it did seem rather out of place for an elephant to be strolling down the street, trumpeting.

Snippet no. 41

“Let’s quit our jobs and open a ‘Pier two’, eh?”

Snippet no. 38

The great chasm held moments, pauses and brief silences.

Snippet no. 35

Whenever he heard someone talking about nature preserves it made him think of cramming lions and tigers into jam jars.

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