inspiration in one sentence.

Snippet no. 51

In the 62nd minute she determined that tea was absolutely necessary.


Snippet no. 50

He remained motionless, as though through stillness he would melt into the background.

Snippet no. 49

The house is quiet; and outside the sky is clear and brilliant, shaming my blue melancholy.

Snippet no. 48

And it did seem rather out of place for an elephant to be strolling down the street, trumpeting.

Snippet no. 47

The descent into the valley opened up a wide swath of land filled with greens of every shade.

Snippet no. 46

Surely no one ever needed an alarm clock here–where rooster calls, church bells, and fireworks reigned supreme.

Snippet no. 45

And in a nod to Thompson Highway she wrote: surely there are no things better in the world than eating, sneezing and fucking.

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