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Snippet no. 58

I awoke early, desperate to see some meaning in the sunrise.


Snippet no. 57

She wondered for perhaps the millionth time: why do I always muddy my attempts to be clear?

Snippet no. 55

He observed that each member of the group seemed as contented as the next to shout about nothing.

Snippet no. 53

Thusly armed with a bottle of mineral water and an armful of paper towels, she turned on her heel toward the filthy car.

Snippet no. 50

He remained motionless, as though through stillness he would melt into the background.

Snippet no. 16

Cackling over their coffee cups, they redefined the meaning of witches brew.

Snippet no. 13

Bubblegum and hairspray assaulted their nostrils as she charged into the classroom, bringing a riot of smells with her.

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